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Servis Bespoke double fridge freezer FD91185SS Servis model Cranberry

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190.00 KGS
£50.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)


The Space You Need; When You Need It

This American Style Fridge Freezer utilises innovative Flexi-Zone technology to let you adapt your fridge freezer to meet your needs. The Flexi-Zone function allows you to convert one or both of your freezer compartments to a fridge section, simply and easily.


ColdWrap Technology

By circulating cool air around the fridge, ColdWrap technology minimises heat transfer and maintains a more constant temperature throughout the compartment. ColdWrap also reduces cold loss when the fridge door is opened.

Clever Double Compressor

Double Compressor Fridge Freezers circulate air separately in the fridge and freezer compartments. Not only does this prevent taste and odour transfer between compartments, it also helps keep your food fresher for longer. And because air is circulated separately if you are away from home for any length of time you can switch to Holiday Mode; switching the fridge off while keeping the freezer on.

Generous Storage

The Servis American Style Fridge Freezer has a 620 Litre capacity making it one of the larger models on the market. But this substantial storage doesn't mean sacrificing space in the kitchen as you get double the storage of a typical fridge freezer in only 50% more space.